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About Us
HyperPics, LLC was founded in 1998 as a small consulting company and is an Autodesk Authorized Developer partner. We work with clients throughout the upper Midwest and on each coast line. Bring real-world experience into the business has been the key element of success.  Over the many years the portfolio of services has expanded, along with the list of clients.

Many of the services deal with supporting AutoCAD and many of the Autodesk vertical products like ADT. HyperPics is experienced with old and new versions of AutoCAD from R12 up through 2007. We understand that all clients are not designed out of the same mold, so we don't treat them that way. Each client has specific business issues that they want to tackle and we help them to address those issues whether it is through training or custom applications.  We are not out to sell a one size fits all solutions, but rather a solution that fits the clients needs.

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HyperPics is proud to be recognized as both an Autodesk Authorized Developer and Authorized Author. This helps to show that we are commited to making sure that we are always using the latest in techniques to help maximize our clients output with Autodesk products.

Programming Languages and Applications Experience:
  • Visual C++/MFC 5, 6 and .NET ('02 and '5)
  • Visual Basic 4 (16 and 32-bit), 5, 6 and .NET ('02 and '5)
  • ObjectARX
  • AutoLISP / Visual LISP
  • Web development (HTML, ASP, and Javascript)
  • MS Access and SQL 7 & 2000 Server
  • RoboHelp 8 & 9 for Help Authoring
  • MS Visio and Autodesk Actrix for Flow Charting
  • Adobe Framemaker
  • Flash 8
Training and Customization Experience:
  • MS Office 97, 2000, XP and 2003
  • AutoCAD R12 - 2007
  • AutoCAD LT '95 - 2007
Other Application Experience:
  • Windows 3.11, Windows 95 - XP (Pro and Home)
  • 3D Studio Max 1.2 - 8 for Visualization
  • Various other Autodesk applications like ADT, ABS and others
Brief Summary of Services Offered:
  • Database development for Access and MS SQL
  • Space planning office furniture
  • 2D and 3D Block Development
  • Customization with either AutoCAD/Verticals and MS Office
  • Custom Training for AutoCAD, Office or Windows
  • Technical Writing for "How To" documents for MS Office, AutoCAD and Windows
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How to Contact us:
Webmaster - webmaster@hyperpics.com
Support/Customer Service - support@hyperpics.com

If you have questions or just need general help withsomething we are just a short click and e-mail away. We are always willing towork through any small questions that you may have about something you are trying to do yourself. We will get back to you as soon aspossible with an answer/solution to your question or problem.